Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sharks don't care about the weather! Be a Shark! The Video Version!

Sharks don't care about the weather! Be a Shark!

Welcome back Sharks!


I'm here to motivate you not to make excuses!  That's right, even in bad weather don't use an excuse.  *Now, mind you if it is not safe, heed caution, please.

However,  bad weather can be used as an excuse and I want you to try not using that as a business excuse.  Snow, rain, wind, cold, hot and whatever else we all have heard over the years.

I'm talking about things like:
I'll do it when it's not so hot...
I'll circle back when it's not raining...
I'm cold, I need a day that it's warm to complete this project...

The point is simple, use weather days to get a LEG-UP on everyone else that is using weather as a reason to relax and take the day off.

Stay hungry Sharks and Challenge yourself!

Be a Shark,

~ The Shark

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